X-Board 12 Modules

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In addition to the normal 8 boards, the board set described here contains 4 additional boards with 3 slots each.

Our X-Board modules are milled and sanded from 1.5 cm thick birch plywood panels with melamine resin coating. They can be assembled without screws or glue and can theoretically be extended indefinitely.

The wall brackets specially manufactured for the shelf are made of 3mm lasered, folded and powder-coated steel. Thanks to their well-thought-out design, they are hardly visible on a shelf mounted on a wall.

All parts of the shelf, including the packaging, are manufactured in Germany.

Height 44 cm

Width 225, 8 cm

Depth 18 cm

Design: Leyla Basaran
Photo Credits:  crkr.cc Denis Kreuzer

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44 cm


225, 8 cm


18 cm


65 x 22 x 30 cm


15 kg


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